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Betty Ramirez Swinners is the Owner/Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Speakers, a company established to promote minority public speakers and trainers to ensure diversity. She specializes in the development and evaluation of national and grassroots programs, diversity campaigns, coalition building, and diversity related trainings and ethnic specific issues.

Betty is a motivational speaker who has dedicated her life to sharing her story of success and survival to encourage others to believe in themselves. A survivor of abuse, she was raised as a homeless child, living in an abandoned house. Education was not a priority to her family, but adversity did not stop Betty from becoming a success.  


Betty who identifies herself as a Latina / Blackfoot Native American was cared by an African American woman who fed and took care of her when she was little and alone on the streets. Her message is "If you believe, you will achieve. It does not matter where you come from, what matters is where you are going."

She has been recognized as "One of Texas Most Influential Women" by Texas Hispanic Magazine, inducted into "The Hispanic Women's Hall of Fame" by Hispanic Women in Leadership and is the recipient of the First Anna Maria Arias Memorial Business Fund Awards presented to outstanding Latina business owners at the Hispanic Businesswomen’s luncheon during the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Annual National Convention.

Additionally, Betty is a Charter member and Immediate Past President of Mujeres of LULAC Council # 4677 in Dallas, Texas, 2000 Chair for Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas, Dallas Chapter, Previous President of the Hispanic Women in Leadership and Texas LULAC Deputy Director for Women.  A few of the organizations she is a member of include: National Council of Raza, National Association of Executive Women and the American Association of University Women., League of United Latin American Citizens, National Association for the Advancement of Color People and the National Urban League.

Betty has developed presentations, workshops, and keynote addresses which are targeted toward leadership and improving understanding of the cultural differences of Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans and other ethnicities. She has over 14 years experience and has done hundreds of presentations, workshops, and keynote addresses throughout the United States at International, National, State and Local conferences and agencies.

Betty is responsible for the development of the national "Path of Hope" Native American video and poster campaign and the Latino focused award winning "Pasa Las Llaves" campaign for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In addition to her work with MADD, Betty has worked on the development faith based initiative campaigns for organizations like the American Heart Association and domestic violence awareness campaigns working with celebrities like Selena Quintanilla. Her work includes coalition building and building diverse boards with the placement of individuals like actor Edward James Olmos and author/poet Maya Angelou.


Betty is passionated and delivers powerful keynote addresses at conferences, luncheons and vigils for Colleges / Universities, Domestics Violence Agencies, Rape Crisis Centers and Women's Organizations. She is the co-author of "Tortilla Soup for the Spirit" and will soon release two new books "Daily Affirmations for Latinos" and "A Story of Hope and Fried Chicken."

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